Montreal, Quebec (QC)

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Area Code: 514
Prefix (NXX): 484
Calling outside U.S.: +15144847140
City: Montreal
State: Quebec
Usage: Landline
Local Time: Eastern (GMT -05:00)
Registrant Company: Bell Canada

514-484-7140 is a Landline phone number operated by the company named Bell Canada and is located in the city of Montreal, Quebec. Please check general information, community rating and reports about this phone number. Don't forget to leave your rating and comment about this number, to help us improve our community database. The fact that a phone number is published in here does not automatically mean that it belongs to any predefined category. We would highly recommend using phone books, yellow and white pages, social networks, or other public resources as an additional source to get more accurate information of phone number 5144847140.

Comments for 5144847140

#1 Telemarketer

I'm on the Canada do Not Call list - why are they allowed to call us?

#2 Other

call was not answered - telemarketers from montreal area. i live in bc

#3 Other

Same taking about lower credit card rates. but yes definitely a scam.      

#4 Telemarketer

They called about lowering my credit card interest rate. I 'm on the "do-not-call list", which apparently means nothing to these idiots

#5 Other

Just got a call 2mins, never pick up, then blocked it!

#6 Other

Just answered a call from this number, and there was only silence.

#7 Telemarketer

Answered the phone to a recorded message about my credit card interest rates needing to be lowered and this was my "last call".  We haven't had this call before and didn't recognize the number so, I picked it up.  Upon hearing the message, I decided to get a live body since we have NO credit cards.  The male who answered the phone had a THICK Middle Eastern accent and when I asked him what credit card I had, he stumbled and said I had a Visa and MasterCard and it was my choice which one I wanted to lower the interest rate on.  I blasted him and hung up.

#8 Other

Called my house (home phone) offering low interest rates on my credit card. I have one card, tried to hit "2" because it said it would remove my number from the list. When I did so, it transferred me to a teller who said he could lower my interest rates on either my Visa or Mastercard. I informed him that I only had one card and he guessed which type it was incorrectly.

To be fair, I didn't actually believe it but I was wondering what he'd say. However, he did know my non-maiden name. A call from this number means that you are on a list.

#9 Other

Consider maybe getting a call blocking device or phone.. You can google them and many are around $60.00 or so.

Report them here:
By State DNC lists:


#10 Cost trap

SPAM of credit card rating for pushing number 1 or 2


should be fined for calling DNCL number

#11 Telemarketer

scam to lower credit card interest but have confidential info about people.

#12 Telemarketer

**ckin camel jockey saying I'm wasting his time when I said I didn't call him

#13 Other

called this number back and it says 'this number is not in service'.  

#14 Cost trap

They asked for my credit card number so

I called my credit card company they said they don't do promotions over the phone.

#15 Other

Numerous calls

#16 Telemarketer

For the past 4 weeks I got no "telemarketing" or "scammer" call me. But right after the provincial election over, calls start to came in again. All those 4 weeks I only got political robo calls form 2 major parties. At first, I just block them right after I pick up the first call. But strange things happen, they begin to switch phone number to call me. Using the same method as the "telemarketing" or "scammer". In curiosity, I research all those political robo call numbers. The numbers that the "Blue" party use were previous calling people for debit consolidation just a month ago. The robo call numbers use by "Red" party were calling people for air duct cleaning and Bahama Cruise before.  From those numbers, people at the forum say those call center were in India or Pakistan. I always feel skeptical about this theory, cause they never call me on Labour day, Good Friday or Victoria Day. Are all these days also a statutory holiday In India and Pakistan too? Furthermore, I think there is a rule say no outside of the country help/assistance for the provincial election. So that make those call centers are located within Canada not outside of our country.  I did call both candidate asking them to tell me who they hire for the robo calls. One candidate say they did not hired anyone to call me(what a liar). The other candidate say he can not tell me, instead what he can do for me is to ask the call center to remove my number permanently form their data bank.
Maybe that's why CRTC never can get rid of the call center.

#17 Telemarketer

Constantly calling; 2 days ago I told him I had asked before to take me off their list, he replied "ho-hum". Told him not to call again, he laughed. Next day another call, spoke to another guy, I asked name of his company and he hung up. I put in a complaint to the Do Not Call List.

#18 Other

IS A BIG SCAM i went to in the game and i give fake numbers and i listen how asking slowly for all private information but he always telling me u don't need to pay anymore high rate interest after u card is gonna be lower but how they can do that when my bank and credit card company not give authorize them for dealing with all credit card and i call just in case the bank and they said is no true and this is a fraud call from somewhere !!!

#19 Other

Just got a call from this number. Credit card rates to be lowered!

I kept him on the phone for a while and then told him he was scum.

#20 Other

Called no message

#21 Telemarketer

Just received a phone call from this number. When I told him that I wanted my phone number removed from his call list (which I've done 4 times now), he said "sure sure honey, like I'm going to do that".

#22 Telemarketer

apparently telemarketer, just hang it up

#23 Cost trap

Credit lowering scam with robo calls! This week already 8 calls!

#24 Telemarketer

514 484 7140... "credit card services"  ... if press "one" in order to speak to real person to require them to remove your number from their list, they have the audacity to say its "gonna cost you a 100 dollars".

#25 Other

Just received call from this number and did not answer.  If anyone who calls me does not leave a message, I block that number.

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Left VM. Says my property has been watched and there is a lawsuit . Total BS scam.

They call night or day they do not bother even if they wake you

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